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We live in a world of energy, an electro-magnetic field which permeates us and surrounds us. As we go about our daily lives and interact with people, we often pick up and absorb external energies. These energies attach to our aura and create an impact on us, weighing us down. Some of the symptoms are feeling drained, poor quality of sleep, feelings of anxiety and discomfort, self-limiting beliefs, fears or phobias and a detrimental impact on our physical health.

An aura clearing can have a profound impact on you, as you release these external energies and reclaim your own, leaving you with an overall sense of lightness and well-being. Some people literally feel as though a weight has been lifted from them and they are free to move on.

In hypnosis, attachments can usually be cleared in one session, however additional sessions may be recommended to address related underlying issues, so that the aura is fully cleared and rebalanced. During the session, or subsequent sessions, you will also be taught techniques to seal your aura and prevent recurrences in future.

Aura Clearing

Aura Clearing is a hypnotic process to clear attachments from your energy field. An attachment can be described as an external energy that is not yours, which enters your energy field (aura) and has an impact on you. Attachments occur when we are more susceptible and vulnerable: during an illness, when we are in a highly emotional state, during accidents, trauma, surgery, hospitalisations, under stress, after a shock, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Client Experiences

I had read and heard about hypnotherapy, but the thought of it scared me for years. At around the age of 44-45, with all things going seemingly well, I felt a heaviness, deep sadness, general fear and constant angst building up. On the recommendation of a friend I went (fearfully) for hypnotherapy. I was afraid of losing control, and saying things I was afraid to face. 

From my first
Aura Clearing session (with Yasmin), I started seeing a change. Firstly, although in a state of deep relaxation, in no way and at no time did I feel out of control or exposed. The first person who I encountered was a grandparent I had never met and never really thought about, and the feeling of overwhelming love and support I felt was worth everything. From then on, the beings I encountered, some known, some unknown, some I believed to be my well wishers, some from past lives etc., served as an enormous cleanse for me. The people flowed into my space/consciousness easily, my silent dialogues with them were to the point and clear, and the weight I felt lifted off me was unbelievable. I found causes of and connections to negative patterns, and on understanding them, many just dissolved into non-issues. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to ease tensions and internal fears and stress if you feel them, and also, as a way to connect to the inner core of one’s being.


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