Hypnotherapy is an intimate experience that requires a high level of trust, and I felt so comfortable and safe in the competent hands of Yasmin. Her attentiveness and insight allowed us to plan for an LBL session that was life-changing and affirming. The feelings I had experienced shifted beliefs that were limiting me. The world may consider me to be an ambitious, high-achieving scientist who has an active left brain, which made it more difficult for me to go into hypnosis, and Yasmin deftly helped us skirt around this by discussing the questions we were going to raise in a phone conversation the day before. Our session showed me a better way to live. When one understands a philosophy conceptually, there may be significant resistance within oneself to integrate it. Having the experience of how different my life could be, allowed for this resistance to dissolve, and I am immeasurably grateful to you, Yasmin. It has been hard work, and when I have worked through my life lessons, I shall come back for another session. 

- J.A., Oxford, UK


I had always been very passionate to have a regression to one of my past lives by a professional and skilled hypnotherapist. I found Yasmin by an online search and sent her a request for past life regression. The first amazing thing was her method of having a half an hour free consultation by phone, to hear my reasons for having it and answering all my questions before giving me an appointment. Then, to be honest, I was a bit doubtful if it was going to work on me or not!  But it turned out to be a fantastic, unbelievable experience, by which after almost 3 weeks, I am still shocked by the results. First of all her voice and the way she was talking to me, to guide me in my journey, was really effective and took me so fast to my exciting past life scenes; I saw things in one of my past lives in which I had a completely opposite character, and how the things I'm going through in this life are so related to the ones I did in that life, and now the way I see everything is totally changed! And I'm really relieved and so happy about what I learned by that.

- T.K., Vancouver, BC


Having a past life regression and LBL was one of the most amazing, heart and eye opening experiences of my life. I had always felt drawn to know about my past lives, but never found anyone who I could do this work with, until I came across Yasmin. I can't fully express in words the amount of healing that can take place through these means. Even just being in that relaxed state feels amazing. But then the amount of knowledge you can find out about yourself, through your higher self, is truly amazing. And Yasmin is a great guide to have for this. She is very kind, and you feel able to open up in her presence. She is very good at what she does and I easily went into hypnosis with her soothing voice. Prior to these experiences, I had some hangups that were affecting my day to day life and happiness. I wasn't even conscious of this fully, but since my LBL I feel so much lighter and freer, I realize how much these things were holding me back. And none I would have been able to realize without the help of Yasmin and her healing work. Everything in my life flows more smoothly now, and I am able to let go and flow with things too. If you are feeling called to work with Yasmin , it is probably your soul calling you because you are ready to live your life freer and lighter. 

- Brit, Vancouver, BC


I have been receiving Past Life Therapy at the hands of Yasmin for some years. I have been able to completely relax and trust, under her gentle guidance. Very illuminating past life scenarios have emerged which have really helped heal and understand difficult situations in my life. After 'waking up' from a semi hypnotic state, Yasmin would go over what I had experienced in that particular session, lucidly and without any judgment whatsoever, helping me understand what I had experienced. Later she would clear stagnant energy through other techniques and energy exchange, which was highly effective in its healing. These sessions with Yasmin have made a huge difference in my life and I really can't thank her enough. It was at her fingertips that I understood the layer upon layer of our psyche and our past lives that play out in the same pattern, unless we wake up and choose to free ourselves. 

- AN, Mumbai, India


 After having read “Journey of Souls”, I wanted to find out what Michael Newton was talking about so I went onto the Newton Institute website to look for someone that was qualified to do an LBL. I do not live in Vancouver and had to fly there. It was the easiest place for me to get to and after viewing all those in and near Vancouver, I decided that Yasmin felt right for me. She is very professional and I was extremely pleased with my experiences. She started with an interview on Skype to determine what I was looking for and if we could work together (it is very important to feel comfortable with your LBL therapist). We set up two appointments, one was a past life regression that took about two hours and then the LBL which was scheduled within a day and was about five hours long.

The sessions took me to where I needed to go and not where I thought I would go. The LBL helped me to understand what my purpose in life is and how important it is to just be and not to worry about what we think we should be doing because it is all right for us. I am much more able to handle problems calmly now and understand that in LBL there is no judgement. I know I still have work to do. Yasmin also followed up with me and that was important because I did have a few questions and she helped me to understand those too. It has now been a few weeks and I am still processing what I experienced.

Every time I think about what I am here for, I take a step back and breathe easy. What I experienced was very enlightening and if someone is interested in having an LBL, I would highly recommend Yasmin.

- JM, Cranbrook, BC


I started working with Yasmin, when I was going through a rather difficult time in my life. Nothing seemed to be going as planned and there were many areas that just didn’t seem to be moving in the right direction. Through the various techniques practised at the sessions like Cord Cutting, Aura Clearing and Inner Child, we managed to remove a lot of the blockages in those areas and slowly but surely things started to move in the right direction. We were working on starting a family at the time, and now I can happily state that I am a proud mum. Yasmin is professional and treats her patients with kindness and ensures absolute confidentiality. I would recommend Yasmin and wish her all the best in her practice.  

– PD, Vancouver, BC


I had read and heard about hypnotherapy, but the thought of it scared me for years. At around the age of

44-45, with all things going seemingly well, I felt a heaviness, deep sadness, general fear and constant angst building up. On the recommendation of a friend I went (fearfully) for hypnotherapy. I was afraid of loosing control, and saying things I was afraid to face. 

From my first session (with Yasmin), I started seeing a change. Firstly, although in a state of deep relaxation, in no way and at no time did I feel out of control or exposed. The first person who I encountered was a grandparent I had never met and never really thought about, and the feeling of overwhelming love and support I felt was worth everything. From then on, the beings I encountered, some known, some unknown, some I believed to be my well wishers, some from past lives etc., served as an enormous cleanse for me. The people flowed into my space/consciousness easily, my silent dialogues with them were to the point and clear, and the weight I felt lifted off me was unbelievable. I found causes of and connections to negative patterns, and on understanding them, many just dissolved into non-issues. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to ease tensions and internal fears and stress if you feel them, and also, as a way to connect to the inner core of one’s being.

– AP, Vancouver, BC




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