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The Simpson Protocol is an advanced hypnotherapy technique

(developed in Canada by Ines Simpson) that allows the client to

enter a deeper hypnotic state.

It is a method of hypnosis that allows the client’s conscious

to relax and step aside so that the Superconscious Mind (the

highest part of you that is also connected to everything else,

or the “highest” mind) is able to work freely and completely, to the

benefit of the client’s optimum good.

The key to The Simpson Protocol is that the hypnotherapist is able to communicate while the client is in very deep states of hypnosis - thus accessing the most powerful parts of the client’s mind.

The client always does his or her own inner work with the direction of the hypnotherapist to help resolve whatever issue is at hand.

Any issue can be addressed using this method.

There is no need for the client to tell the hypnotherapist what the issue is. It is up to the client to reveal as little or as much as they want to, about the issue. Both the Subconscious and Superconscious Minds know what the issue is. This is enough for the Simpson Protocol to work effectively. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client as their Superconscious knows much more than we could possibly know with our limited conscious minds.

Simpson Protocol Sessions are different from regular hypnotherapy sessions as:

This method primarily uses finger responses, so it is very appropriate and comfortable for clients who do not want to talk about their issues, but still recognize they need to work on them in order to move forward with their lives. This makes the technique very private and client centered.

It is also a highly productive technique. Most issues are resolved very quickly, perhaps in two or three sessions. The first session is usually one and a half to two hours long, follow up sessions are shorter, around one hour long. This makes the technique very cost effective for clients that may have required many sessions.

The Simpson Protocol can be used successfully to work on any issue but is particularly useful in cases where the issue being addressed is deeply entrenched, traumatic or sensitive. 

Clients usually describe the sessions as ‘deeply relaxing’ and report almost immediate changes in the way that they feel.

​Online sessions are offered and are extremely effective and as successful as in-person sessions.