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Hypnotherapy Sessions are offered for:

Aura Clearing

Aura Clearing is a hypnotic process to clear attachments from your energy field. An attachment can be described as an external energy that is not yours, which enters your energy field (aura) and has an impact on you. Attachments occur when we are more susceptible and vulnerable: during an illness, when we are in a highly emotional state, during accidents, trauma, surgery, hospitalisations, under stress, after a shock, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We live in a world of energy, an electro-magnetic field which permeates us and surrounds us. As we go about our daily lives and interact with people, we often pick up and absorb external energies. These energies attach to our aura and create an impact on us, weighing us down. Some of the symptoms are feeling drained, poor quality of sleep, feelings of anxiety and discomfort, self-limiting beliefs, fears or phobias and a detrimental impact on our physical health.

An aura clearing can have a profound impact on you, as you release these external energies and reclaim your own, leaving you with an overall sense of lightness and well-being. Some people literally feel as though a weight has been lifted from them and they are free to move on.

In hypnosis, attachments can usually be cleared in one session, however additional sessions may be recommended to address related underlying issues, so that the aura is fully cleared and rebalanced. During the session, or subsequent sessions, you will also be taught techniques to seal your aura and prevent recurrences in future.

Aura clearing is a safe and comfortable process. A session usually lasts between 1½-2 hours.

Cord Cutting

We live in a world of energy. In our daily lives we interact with so many people and there is a constant exchange of energy taking place. We all have energetic cords connecting us to most aspects of our lives. Cords connect us to our family, friends, lovers, colleagues and even situations and places. Cords act as energy pathways and transmit energy back and forth feeding or in some cases draining us. Cords can be healthy or unhealthy. Cord cutting is necessary and very helpful when a relationship is causing you to be drained and the other person’s energy affects us negatively. It can be used in acrimonious or challenging relationships, or even when a relationship we have been in has ended, but we still feel it affecting us.

Cord Cutting can also help with severing emotional ties to a place or situation which seems to still be bothering you, regardless of your intent to move on. If there is a lot of emotion, anger, hurt etc. present it is best to do Cord Cutting with a practitioner who can assist you in navigating your emotions while getting the cords cut. Cord cutting is most effective when done with gratitude for whomever you are cutting cords with. Cord Cutting sessions typically take 1-1½ hours. Usually one session is required. Depending on the intensity of the problem, sometimes additional sessions may be recommended.

Inner Child Therapy

During our childhood, we are influenced greatly by our environment, both at a conscious and an unconscious level. Depending on how we perceive our experiences and interactions, we assign meaning to them and associate them with emotions like joy, sadness, fear, love. Our experiences cause us to develop core beliefs about ourselves; often these beliefs are negative and self-limiting. As we become adults and live adult lives, the same 'meanings' or beliefs we took on in childhood often remain unchanged. We may not even be consciously aware of them. Yet they continue to control and affect our lives profoundly.

Many of the internal beliefs and patterns we develop in childhood are based on what we have been told about ourselves and the world. As children, we may be influenced by our parents, family, teachers, friends, or others. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference from what is real or what the child imagines or perceives to be true. This is how we develop certain beliefs about ourselves or the world, which may not necessarily be true at all, but which can deeply affect the rest of our life and our relationships, if not dealt with.

Some examples of core beliefs and patterns that we adopt as children are, “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy”, “I am not lovable”, and so on. If we are not shown love or feel that we are abandoned or not deserving of attention, then we may grow up thinking these 'truths' about ourselves. Insensitive remarks from people that we are no good, stupid or worthless, can cause us to actually believe that we are no good and stupid. Similarly, physical or psychological abuse can scar us and lead us to subconsciously believe that we deserve it. When we only believe we are worthy of abusive partners or friends, we may attract these into our lives.

Inner Child Therapy recognises that as adults we all relate to this Inner Child aspect within. Our Inner Child may still be in need of attention, nurturing or healing and until this is resolved we continue to live with these painful “truths” that we adopted as children. This could impact any area of our life: self-confidence, self-worth, work, family, love, relationships, health and more.

Inner Child Therapy aims at identifying and healing these unresolved experiences from our childhood, so that we can release them and move forward to achieve our full potential. Inner Child Therapy is a simple and safe process which often results in powerful life-changing transformations.

Often even one session can result in a noticeable shift for many clients. However, sometimes more sessions may be required. Sessions typically take 1½-2 hours. Most people notice a significant and positive change in as little as two to three sessions.

The Simpson Protocol

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Past Life Regression Therapy

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Life Between Lives Regression Therapy

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Reiki Workshops

Reiki Workshops are held for Level I, II and III.


Yasmin is a Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist and Life Between Lives Regression Therapist, as well as a Reiki Master. She has trained with internationally renowned institutes of hypnotherapy.  She is a member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists  (IACT) and The Newton Institute (TNI). She has been running a successful therapy practice for many years and has been privileged to help people improve their quality of life, clear past baggage, find purpose, achieve their goals and overcome long-standing obstacles to their health and well being.