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Past Life Regression is a transformational therapy that can improve your current life in many ways.

A little bit about Past Lives

Many spiritual traditions believe that we reincarnate over several lifetimes so that our souls can learn, grow, evolve and have the opportunity to become more spiritually evolved with each life we live. Research has shown that we reincarnate in each lifetime with the same groups of souls, taking on different roles or relationships each time around. The unresolved issues that we work through with these souls provide the ideal opportunity for our soul's development.

In each lifetime, we agree before birth to take on a specific learning task. Our guides call this assignment our “soul contract,” “blueprint,” or “life plan.” Every individual has his or her own plan. Life plans are agreed before we incarnate in physical form and our Guides will do everything in their power to ensure we complete our incarnation successfully. When we’ve completed our life plan, we leave Earth.

How does Past Life Regression work?

We all carry unconscious memories from these past lifetimes into our current lives. These memories carry energetic charges which continue to affect us in the present. They can affect our relationships, behaviour, accomplishments, even our physical bodies, our health and our overall sense of well-being.

In Past Life Regression, the therapist uses hypnotherapy to go back to the root cause of a problem and to bring healing to the situation. Past lives reveal patterns and contain healing lessons that are often carried over from several lifetimes. This learning is often profound and is always relevant to our current life issues. As a result, Past Life Regression therapy offers you the opportunity to release old fears, belief systems, patterns of thought and behaviour that do not serve you anymore, or are holding you back in your current life.

Are Past Lives Real?

There can be other possible explanations for what is perceived as a 'past life' memory. Some believe that we tap into the 'collective unconscious' when we access a past life memory. Some people believe that the mind uses its own imagination to create an experience to deal with challenging issues and to gain resolution and heal. For many others, reincarnation is real. It is important to understand that all beliefs are valid from the perspective of the believer. It does not matter what is real or not. Simply put, as long as you are able to resolve your issue and heal, moving forward with your life, it does not matter.

Past Life Regression Therapy can be a transformative and liberating process for you, whether you believe in past lives or not. Just by surrendering and allowing the experience to unfold, most people who experience Past Life Regression find resolution, healing and insight in ways that they had not expected and have never experienced before.

What can Past Life Regression Therapy be used for?

Past Life Regression Therapy can be used to heal physical issues, emotional patterns, relationships and even for spiritual growth as we gain a deeper understanding into our life lessons and experience the immortality of our soul. Our subconscious mind is like a storehouse that contains all the memories that our soul has ever experienced. By accessing these memories in the right way, profound wisdom and deep insight is revealed, which can have hugely life-changing results. Past Life Regression Therapy can be used to:

Identify and address the root cause of current issues
Understand and resolve karmic patterns
Gain insight into your life challenges
Overcome fears or phobias
Heal emotional or physical pain from past trauma
Understand relationships and recognize soul mates
Clear blocks that hinder our progress
Understand the “bigger picture” of your life
Reduce the fear of death

During a Past Life Regression session you will always be in control. You will be aware of what is happening and you will be able to control or stop the process if you like.

If you are looking to resolve a specific issue or problem, it may require a reasonably short series of two hour sessions including both current life or Past Life Regression work, usually a combination of both.

If your interest in Past Life Regression is simply to satisfy your curiosity about what past life experiences you may have had and how they might be relating to your life now, you are welcome to book a single Past Life Regression too.  

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